By Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson

On 19th June 2018, King’s College London hosted a subject enrichment day for teachers of Classics. The theme for the day was the learning and teaching of Classics using archaeological sites and material culture. The event was superbly organised by Dr Emily Pillinger. The morning included a visit to London’s Mithraeum and the afternoon showcased a series of linked lectures by King’s Classics academics (Professor Hugh Bowden and Dr John Pearce) and a roundtable discussion with Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson (representing the ACE project) and Dr Aisha Khan-Evans (King’s College London Latin with Classics PGCE lecturer). More than 70 teachers and trainee teachers attended from the London area and from Cambridge.

A number of ACE partners have held handling sessions for students and teachers as part of their ACE events, so Dr Holmes-Henderson was able to reflect on the pedagogical value of teaching through objects. Visits to archaeological sites were much discussed: from Caerleon to Vindolanda to Lullingstone. Dr Holmes-Henderson commented on the success of our Bristol University partners who hosted their ACE event at the Roman Baths in Bath, a spectacular site with a thriving educational programme for schools.

Feedback from the event was universally positive. The trainees know how to keep in touch with the ACE project and we look forward to having their support in the coming years.