MA in Classical Studies at the Open University

Our ACE partners at the Open University offer two scholarships per year for schoolteachers who wish to enrol on the MA in Classical Studies. Full details are available here. In this blog, we are delighted to host reflections from two previous recipients of the full-fees award. Stephen Dobson, Subject Leader for Classics, Redborne Upper [...]

Introducing Classics into Scottish State Schools

By Dr Alex Imrie, Classics Outreach Co-ordinator for Scotland, Classical Association of Scotland A campaign to reinvigorate Classics across Scotland is underway, drawing together teachers, academics and others dedicated to the idea that Classics should be available to all learners, not only those in private education. Under these auspices, ACE, in conjunction with the Classical [...]

Classics for All Ancient History GCSE Resources

Our ACE partners at the University of Warwick have been busy creating resources to support Ancient History in schools. Read an update here from Dr Paul Grigsby, Fellow in Outreach and Impact at the Warwick Classics Network. At the beginning of March 2020, Classics for All announced the release of a suite of online [...]

Attending ACE’s ‘OCR Classics in 20 British Museum Objects’ Event

By Lidia Kuhivchak, Classics Hub Ambassador at Lionheart Trust Schools We were extremely excited to hear about ACE’s event at the British Museum in conjunction with ‘Troy: Myth & Reality’. As an Academy Trust that has recently introduced Classics, it is particularly helpful for our students to have access to Classics events which do not focus [...]

ACE ‘World of the Hero’ Event at the British Museum

By Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson Prof Hall talking on The World of the Hero On Monday 13th January, Professor Edith Hall and Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson collaborated with the Schools and Young Audiences Team at the British Museum to provide a lecture for teachers of Classics, Ancient History, Drama and English, and a visit to [...]

How Classical Civilisation A-Level Changed My Life

By Nimisha Patel, PhD Candidate Classics was never a 'natural' option for me. I’ve been brought up by first-generation Indian parents, who both had careers in science-based industries. They are both the 'exceptional' child in their respective families. You can find most of my father’s family working in retailers at Heathrow, and most of my [...]

British School at Athens Intensive Course for School Teachers

By Dr Michael Loy, Assistant Director (BSA) The British School at Athens (BSA) is proud to have been supporting the work of UK school teachers for the past forty years. In 1979, the then Assistant Director of the BSA Tony Spawforth (now professor emeritus of Ancient History, Newcastle University) organised the BSA’s first 14 day [...]

Understanding Power: Free Classics and Politics Workshops for Schools

By Harriet Andrews, the Politics Project This thematic version of Digital Surgeries is a collaboration between the University of Exeter and The Politics Project and supports students to learn about ancient themes of power, privilege and dialogue through workshops that challenge young people to think deeply and differently. The programme supports young people to expand [...]

We Did It! Classical Civilisation Teachers’ Summer School

By Prof. Edith Hall So we did it!  A whole week’s course on Classical Civilisation GCSE and A/S Level, with a session devoted to every single component on the OCR specs!  In the River Room at King’s College London, with its spectacular views, a heroic band of teachers met KCL academics to think about how [...]

ACE Panel at Classical Association/FIEC Conference

By Dr Paul Grigsby, Research Fellow in Outreach and Impact at Warwick Classics On Sunday 7th July 2019, delegates of the FIECCA 2019 Conference attended a panel in the Logan Hall at the Institute of Education on the work of Advocating Classics Education. Organised by Prof Edith Hall and Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson (chair), this panel addressed [...]