Celebrating Classics in Kent

By Prof. Edith Hall Welcome to the Inaugural Blog from the ACE project! On Saturday 30th September we held our equally Inaugural first Public Partnership Event at Kent University’s lovely campus in Canterbury. Hosted by Dr Rosie Wyles, and attended by teachers and secondary-level students from all over the county, the entertainments on offer included [...]

The people behind the campaign

By Prof. Edith Hall The people behind the campaign, who first got together in a meeting organised by the sister project Classics and Class in November 2015.Eddie Barnett, Simon Beasley, Caroline Bristow, Richard Alston, Mike Trapp, Edith Hall Pavlos Avlamis, Aisha Khan-Evans, Eddie Barnett, Matthew Aaron Fox, Simon Beasley, Mai Musie, Emma Bridges, Arlene Holmes-Henderson, [...]

Reigate College

By Prof. Edith Hall It's official! My FIRST talk of the project will be to 45 students at Reigate College, on the invitation of Classical Civilisation Course Leader Sarah Bell, 1300 on Monday May 8th.

Pilot event at King’s College London

By Prof. Edith Hall Pilot event for state sector sixth-formers at King's College London, 2nd July 2016, Edith Hall (AHRC Leadership Fellow, standing) with (left to right) Caroline Bristow, Arlene Holmes-Henderson and Mai Musie.