The Organising Committee for the FIEC/CA 2019 Conference would like to make 100 free tickets available to school children for the Silent Film screening to take place at the Bloomsbury Theatre on Saturday 6 July, 7.30 pm. The screening is suitable for over 12s and it is a great opportunity to get acquainted with four very rare films  on classical themes. 

Two of the films document the ruins of the Acropolis and Pompeii as they appeared to travellers in the early twentieth century. Two are aesthetically rich and immersive feature films concerning the sculptor Phydias and the emperor Caligula. Through their enticing use of gesture and look, exotic sets and extravagant costumes, music and movement, these latter films offer their spectators the opportunity to enter into the classical past and experience it as if they were there.

The screening of Caligula will be the UK premiere of a beautifully restored print from Italy. The other prints were obtained especially from archives in Austria, the USA, and the UK. They will be introduced briefly by Maria Wyke (UCL) and Pantelis Michelakis (University of Bristol). The professional pianist Stephen Horne will improvise throughout, thus replicating the means by which music once engaged audiences emotionally with cinema’s classical worlds. The venue is a newly refurbished 500-seater theatre owned by UCL.

More information on the screening can be found here. To book tickets, please email Dr Dimitra Kokkini.

Poster for ‘Slave of Phydias’