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This event has been postponed and will be rescheduled as soon as possible. For more information, please contact henry.stead@open.ac.uk


ACE and the Classical Studies department at the Open University are pleased to announce their upcoming event on the 12th of March 2018, 2-5 pm. This event is unique in the ACE programme for being live-streamed and open to any school groups or teachers, across the UK, to attend remotely.

This public partnership event will feature a range of talks and activities promoting the study of Classical Civilisation. We are lucky to have Professor Mary Beard, undoubtedly the best-known Classicist in the country, joining us: Professor Beard will speak on the importance of Classical Studies in her life and career, and will also participate in a Classics-themed ‘Question Time’. The event will include talks and interactive sessions from Open University academics on their own research, guidance for teachers on introducing Classical Civilisation to the curriculum, and an introduction to the wide range of open access resources provided by the OU.



The entire event will be live-streamed, and will include interactive features enabling our online audience to participate remotely – asking questions, joining in quizzes, and adding your comments to proceedings. Schools or teachers interested in participating in the event online should email one of the event organisers, Virginia Campbell, for more information.



14:00-14:15    Introduction

14:15-14:40    Greek Drama Discussion

14:40-15:10    Interview with Mary Beard

15:10-15:15     Quickfire Quiz Round 1

15:15-15:35     Classical Studies Question Time

15:35-15:45     Break

15:45-16:05     Votives Project Quiz and Presentation

16:05-16:10    Quickfire Quiz Round 2

16:10-16:25     Keeping in Touch with OU Classical Studies

16:30-17:00    Teacher-Focussed Session