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Advocating Classics Education is a project championing the teaching of Classical Studies in state schools. In Scotland, it survives in very few, and has acquired an unjustifiable reputation as being an elitist subject. The ACE campaign is changing that, and the College of Arts is hosting an evening event to showcase the project. Speakers will explore the skills that Classical Studies enhances, highlight its relevance to pupils at all levels of the curriculum, and offer ideas on how to introduce the subject into schools. The audience will be education leaders from across the region – we are building a network of expertise in Classics teaching. Representatives from SQA will be there to answer questions. The event will take place in the Hunterian Museum, and includes a tour of the collection. The evening will culminate in a performance by the comic, classicist, and novelist, Natalie Haynes, emphasising the accessibility and richness of the subject.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Professor Matthew Fox.