The results are in!

In this blog, we’d like to share the most-requested resources and give teachers the opportunity to let us know if they already exist. We know that time is short, and there is absolutely no point in ‘re-inventing the wheel’, so if you have resources which cover the topics/requests below, please let us know via and consider uploading them to the relevant areas of the Classics Library site. If, by the end of August 2020, it appears that these resources do not yet exist, we will create them.


GCSE Ancient History

Kings of Rome – worksheets/knowledge organisers

Conflict of the orders/secessions – content summaries

Persia – diagrams explaining tricky content


GCSE Classical Civilisation

Additional model answers for the 8 and 15 mark questions. Guidance on how to mark these (beyond the marking schemes available on the OCR website).


A Level Ancient History

The Politics and Society of Sparta, 478-404BC

Scheme of Work to help a teacher plan what to teach when


A Level Classical Civilisation

Politics of the Late Republic

Catilinarian Conspiracy – content summary

Modern scholarship – student guidance on who thinks/said what and how to use it in answers.


World of the Hero

Modern scholarship – how to engage with academics and their writing


Greek Religion

Knowledge organisers for content of this module esp. festivals/mystery religions

Different range of interpretations of mystery religions with sources as evidence (esp. for Higher Classical Studies Religion and Belief)