How Classical Civilisation A-Level Changed My Life

Nimisha Patel

By Nimisha Patel, PhD Candidate

Classics was never a ‘natural’ option for me.

I’ve been brought up by first-generation Indian parents, who both had careers in science-based industries. They are both the ‘exceptional’ child in their respective families.…

British School at Athens Intensive Course for School Teachers

British School at Athens

By Dr Michael Loy, Assistant Director (BSA)

The British School at Athens (BSA) is proud to have been supporting the work of UK school teachers for the past forty years.

In 1979, the then Assistant Director of the BSA Tony Spawforth (now professor…

We Did It! Classical Civilisation Teachers’ Summer School

Classical Civilisation

By Prof. Edith Hall

So we did it! A whole week’s course on Classical Civilisation GCSE and A/S Level, with a session devoted to every single component on the OCR specs! In the River Room at King’s College London, with its spectacular views, a heroic band of teachers…