Outreach as Activism: ACE at the Women’s Classical Committee

Outreach as Activism

By Marcus Bell

On the 18th April, ACE was invited to be a part of the Women’s Classical Committee’s Annual General Meeting. ACE’s Public Impact Researcher, Marcus Bell, represented the Project on a Panel focusing on Outreach as Activism.

The day itself was a…

Glasgow ACE event: Rome’s Final Frontier

Glasgow ACE event
By Dr. Arlene Holmes-Henderson
On Wednesday 22nd March, the University of Glasgow hosted its ACE event in the spectacular Hunterian Museum. Attendees included local teachers, local…

Celebrating Classics in Belfast

Celebrating Classics in Belfast
By Dr. Arlene Holmes-Henderson
On Friday 9th February 2018, Legion XX pitched camp at the Ulster Museum where a whole day of activities was planned for young people aged 6-18. The day started very early (8am!) when BBC…