ACE has been featured in a number of publications across a range of media. Click on any item below to read the full piece.

Sourcebooks To Be Used by School Students

KCL News Centre highlights the release of ACE’s digital sourcebooks, a collaboration with Liverpool World Museum and part of a larger aim to improve access to Classical Studies in museums and schools.

A Level Classics Poverty

Writing for the CUCD Bulletin, Steven Hunt and Arlene Holmes-Henderson outline the dire situation for access to classical subjects in the state school sector.

Working towards Fairer Access to Classical Subjects in Schools

For the CUCD EDI blog, Arlene Holmes-Henderson and Peter Swallow explain how ACE has been advocating for fairer access to Classics.

Poorer Students Benefit from Classics

An initiative between King’s College London and Newham Sixth Form College in east London has been bringing Classics lessons to sixth-form students at the school, delivered by King’s lecturers.

Warwick University Ancient Worlds Study Day

Prof. Michael Scott, Natalie Haynes and a host of other writers and academics will be descending on Warwick University on Thursday, November 21 to give talks and lead workshops on the ancient world, myths and story-telling.

A Classical Way to Learn History

Pupils at St John’s Catholic Primary School in Poulton, Lancashire are preparing a Latin play, and gave Dr. Arlene Holmes-Henderson a sneak preview.

How Latin is Making a Comeback in Fylde Coast Schools

Prof. Edith Hall visits Blackpool to see how primary school children there are getting on with a scheme to teach them Latin.

Call to Reverse Near-Extinction of Classics in Scottish Schools

Prof. Matthew Fox has been challenging the conception of classics as a ‘dead white man’s game’ in a bid to revive classics teaching in Scotland.

Broadcaster Backs College’s Classics Course

ACE patron Natalie Haynes has been to Henley College to stand up for the state school’s A-level courses in Classical Civilisation and Ancient History.

Why Read Aristotle Today?

Prof. Edith Hall, via Aristotle, reveals some ancient secrets to a happy life.

A Classics Education Can Drive Social Mobility

A classical education has come to be seen as elitist, though that need not be the case writes Prof. Matthew Fox for TES.

The Classics: Relevant for Today’s Pupils

Andrew Christie writes for the Independent School Parent on being inspired by ACE to offer local state school students the opportunity to study classics.

A Winning Formula: Classical Rhetoric for Oracy Education

For Teaching Citizenship, Dr. Arlene Holmes-Henderson advocates teaching classical rhetoric in schools.

Making the Ancient Greeks and Romans Available to All our Teenagers

Prof. Edith Hall writes about the project for Classics for All’s online journal.

How to be a Good Person: The Importance of Learning from the Classics

Prof. Edith Hall discusses the need for Classics to talk to the outside world.

Herodotus: Father of History, Father of Lies, Father of Anthropology

In this article from Teaching History, Edith Hall offers an overview of the Father of History for school teachers

Campaign to Make State School Pupils Latin Lovers

The Herald’s coverage of our campaign in Scotland, to extend classical subjects across the secondary school sector.

Leeds Secondary School Becomes City’s First State School to Teach Classics

Allerton Grange School in Moortown will begin offering GCSE and A Level Classical Civilisation after lobbying from a passionate teacher.

Advocating Classics Education

Coverage of our campaign from Omnibus, the classics magazine for schoolchildren and teachers.

‘The Case for Classics’ at The Roman Baths

A report on our event at the Roman Baths from the University of Bristol Classics Hub.

Has The Extinction Event Already Begun For Minority Subjects In UK Education?

Dr. Dan Boatright considers the plight of minority subjects at GCSE and A Level, but looks towards Classics and ACE for inspiration.

Professor Bettany Hughes to Boost Classical Studies Push

Coverage of our St Andrews event, which has unfortunately been postponed until further notice.

Advocating Classics Education — A New National Project

Prof. Edith Hall and Dr. Arlene Holmes-Henderson set out the goals of the ACE project in this article for the Journal of Classics Teaching.

Kent School Students Link The Soaps To Ancient History

A news post from Fulston Manor School in Kent. Students enjoyed an engaging day at an ACE event in Kent, including a talk from Natalie Haynes on the connection between Sophocles’ Oedipus and modern-day soap operas.