Classics for All

A film highlighting our campaign to expand access to the study of the ancient world, and featuring young people describing their own experiences of studying Classics.

Prof. Edith Hall (KCL) gives a talk to Winstanley College, Wigan on the conflicts between different poleis in 5th-C BCE Greece.

From ACE’s event at the Open University, Karen Foley introduces Opening Up Classical Studies.

Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson (KCL, ACE), Stephen Dobson (Redborne Community College) and Charlie Andrew (Classics for All) talk about teaching classical civilisation in schools at the OU ACE event.

Karen Foley interviews Prof. Edith Hall on Exploring the Classical World at the OU ACE event.

Dr Christine Plastow and Dr Jan Haywood join the OU ACE event to talk about the world of Greek drama.

Dr Emma-Jayne Graham and Dr Jessica Hughes talk us through through Greek and Roman votives at the OU ACE event.

Prof. Edith Hall introduces the aims and objectives of ACE.

Akis and Aaron both study Law at Glasgow University after studying Classical Studies in school. A classical education has shaped their outlook on the world and helped them develop key skills they are now applying to Law.

Weightlifter and Olympian Jack Oliver is also a Classics graduate from the University of Leeds. In this interview, he explains why the ancient world continues to captivate him, and why he wants to teach Classical Civilisation and Ancient History.

In the second part of our interview, Avnika and Phoebe speak passionately about the relevance of Classics to other subjects and to the wider world.

Avnika and Phoebe are both in the sixth form at Nower Hill. They love studying classics for its multidisciplinary scope.

Roshnee and Marley are in year 7, and already learning a lot about the ancient world!

Year 10 students Cameron and Aiden are keen to join the little army defending Classical subjects in schools!

Diya and Angelica love Classics because of its relevance to the modern world, and want everyone to have the chance to study it.

Henry is a Year 9 Ancient History student at Nower Hill High School in Middlesex, with a passion for learning about Classics!

Edward, who has just completed an A Level in Classical Civilisation, talks about his experience learning about the ancient world.

Chloe tells us why she chose study Classics at A Level and beyond.

Bob talks about his decision to study the ancient world at GCSE.

Kate is studying Classical Civilisation at A Level. In this video, she explains why she chose the subject — and why she loves it!

Athina Mitropoulos from Queen’s Gate School shares her love of the classical world and how that has impacted her teaching.

Hilary Hodgson works for the charity Classics for All, and in this video she tells us all about their work to expand classical learning in schools.

Emma Bridges from the Institute of Classical Studies shares how studying Classical Civilisation at A Level has shaped her.

Helen McVeigh from the Classical Association in Northern Ireland talks about CANI’s work advocating for Classical Civilisation education.

Simon Beasley, from Christopher Whitehead Language College, talks to ACE about his experience expanding classical education provision.

Eddie Barnett, a Philosophy teacher at Christ the King Sixth Form College, Lewisham, talks about why he decided to start teaching Classical Civilisation.

ACE and Redborne Upper School celebrate Classics in this video introduction.